Creating the Beloved

  • honored wish

    A creativity workshop for everyone. We'll employ the use of collage and paint to create images of The Beloved. Your Beloved might be a child, partner, or your own higher Self. The Beloved might even be a dream you're calling forth.

    CREATING THE BELOVED is scheduled for Saturday, June 18th, 10 am - 3 pm.

    I supply acrylic paint, glue, plastic putty knives, artist painting/collage boards, magazines, workshop space, & instruction. *YOU bring* paint brushes, scissors, and special images you have collected.

    STRATEGY: I will demonstrate collage techniques, teach how to work with warm and cool colors, and how to create space within a composition. Then I lead you from a meditation to visualization of your Beloved. We transition into creating individual collages. No prior art experience is necessary!

    You'll complete a beautiful collage of The Beloved, appropriate for an altar or other sacred space. The image can be metaphorical, symbolic, and/or completely abstract, and incorporate totem animals, photographs, and other textured materials. You'll leave this workshop with a bunch of new techniques and a completed collage plus a ton of inspiration. See images below.


    The cost for this workshop is $70 per person.

    *Brushes can be bought cheaply at Penco in Mpls - under $3 each. Please call or email with questions.

Water Paintings 2010

  • desert rain
    This series was inspired by my wish to raise awareness for clean water. My intention is to create healing - inside our bodies - and for bodies of water that suffer from pollution. I will be donating a portion of my profits from this series to oceanic conservation via

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May 08, 2010



Strategy can work hand in hand with surrendering to "what comes." I think it's always helpful to be clear about what your intention is, and sometimes there's a plan for it. We just need to assume that plan will change!

Chinthu Tu

Ha Na.. really like your comment about anxiously strategising the life.. from my own experience and observations, have found that, that is the least effective way of doing things. Now I set intentions and have desires and request the universe to fulfill them while happily enjoying the life.
Fully with you on the humbleness being sexier than the arrogance part.



It's fascinating how that left/right brain theory pans out. I've noticed how much more relaxed I've become since focusing more on painting, vs. being anxiously strategic about my life. Imagine a world of people who could use each side equally - I think there would be world peace ;-))

I'm pretty gosh durn frickin excited to be part of the CArts community too.



fascinating to scan your blog and discover the paradoxical sides of your life ;-) We could trade some stories!

So, can the monastery life support making and showing art??? Part of the reason I stopped making it for 8 years was on the advice of a guru who told me it would lead me away from my spiritual practice. B.S. for sure, but at the time he confirmed some of my self-doubt re being an artist.


I found you through Chris' sight in the comments and glad I did! you wrote that you had been away from art for 8 years and when you started up again you gave yourself the permission to make bad art. I think that's what I lacked whenever I tried to start up again; my perfectionism in the way! It's on my bucket list to have an art gallery showing but I have yet to really cultivate my inner artist. I think it's cool that you're using your art as part of The Art of Nonconformity "army"!


LOVE IT! I'm so entertained that there's an actual study showing that there is a reason my brain path is absolutely non-linear.
I shall be very lucky indeed by these 5 points.
Very happy you are moving in, I am looking forward to your creative force in the building!

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  • bluegreen scene
    This 2011 series is inspired by Taoist ink drawings, Chinese and Japanese landscape paintings. They incorporate pouring techniques, stencil, collage, and acrylic and oil paint.