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My paintings are like portals where the dream world descends through time and space. Image-making has always drawn me into an altered state of consciousness where I feel closest to Divine presence. In my work, the human body and landscape are evolving through the alchemy of earth, air, fire, and water. I invite the observer to connect with the internal sacred.

Geometry, symbols, and organic shapes are intuitively formed by drawing, pouring, collaging, and painting. By engaging with formal techniques that I can't fully control, chance plays with intention, echoing the natural world and exposing an underlying order.

My art is influenced by my love for the wildness of nature, Chinese landscape paintings, and Tibetan tankas. Artists whose work I admire include the mystic painter Morris Graves, Wangechi Mutu, Francesco Clemente, Ann McCoy, and Darren Waterston.

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My childhood was spent in New England, drawing and dancing, hiking and skiing in the woods, watching the ocean, and eating fried squid with chopsticks starting at the age of five.

Following the completion of many years' art training which culminated at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, I shifted gears, putting my attention on a different sort of art.

In Naturopathic medical school I trained my gift of perception to help people become healthy and whole. I fell in love with Homeopathy in particular, which regards each and every facet of a person to be an integral reflection of the whole. Homeopathy is the painting of medicine.

In addition to school, during those rich years in the Pacific Northwest I traveled to Europe, China, and Indonesia, feeding my love for novelty, adventure, and beauty.

I weave together creative expression and healing work as the focal point of life and work by practicing Homeopathy, making art, and leading workshops that use creativity as a therapeutic agent.