Creating the Beloved

  • honored wish

    A creativity workshop for everyone. We'll employ the use of collage and paint to create images of The Beloved. Your Beloved might be a child, partner, or your own higher Self. The Beloved might even be a dream you're calling forth.

    CREATING THE BELOVED is scheduled for Saturday, June 18th, 10 am - 3 pm.

    I supply acrylic paint, glue, plastic putty knives, artist painting/collage boards, magazines, workshop space, & instruction. *YOU bring* paint brushes, scissors, and special images you have collected.

    STRATEGY: I will demonstrate collage techniques, teach how to work with warm and cool colors, and how to create space within a composition. Then I lead you from a meditation to visualization of your Beloved. We transition into creating individual collages. No prior art experience is necessary!

    You'll complete a beautiful collage of The Beloved, appropriate for an altar or other sacred space. The image can be metaphorical, symbolic, and/or completely abstract, and incorporate totem animals, photographs, and other textured materials. You'll leave this workshop with a bunch of new techniques and a completed collage plus a ton of inspiration. See images below.


    The cost for this workshop is $70 per person.

    *Brushes can be bought cheaply at Penco in Mpls - under $3 each. Please call or email with questions.

Water Paintings 2010

  • desert rain
    This series was inspired by my wish to raise awareness for clean water. My intention is to create healing - inside our bodies - and for bodies of water that suffer from pollution. I will be donating a portion of my profits from this series to oceanic conservation via

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March 17, 2010



Here is a wonderful website that posts cured cases and describes remedies. I typed in the remedy "Pinus" and it gave me a case of Gingko:

To give you an idea of how homeopathy is prescribed and the effects it can have. There are some tree themes discussed.

Kate DuBois

Hannah, very cool! I like the idea of prescribing based on what people identify with. Hmmm...eucalyptus and pine for me. :-)


Kate, thank you.

I too am so struck by Ann McCoy's installation, on so many levels. Her imagery is dreamlike, putting the viewer into an altered state and enhancing the emotional response.
In my work I also deliberately play the line between "real" and "imagined" to draw the viewer into a deeper, more receptive place.

I'm intrigued by the Tree book too - thanks for the link. In homeopathy there are remedies made from trees and this resonates with me not just as an artist; as a healer who prescribes for people based on what they identify with.

Kate DuBois

Hannah, thank you for opening my heart and mind to new images for creative expression. In addition to your work (2010 and Dream of Three really called to me) I was particularly inspired by the images of Ann McCoy - they are so different than what I could envision alone, and that she dedicated them to the women of Barrack 9 really touched me.

Here's another source of inspiration for healing: I just finished reading the most beautiful book of photographs, words, and quotations by Joan Klostermann-Ketels titled PersonaliTrees.

Grateful, Kate

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  • bluegreen scene
    This 2011 series is inspired by Taoist ink drawings, Chinese and Japanese landscape paintings. They incorporate pouring techniques, stencil, collage, and acrylic and oil paint.